About Styelleish

So you've found my site. You've seen my posts. What is this place?
 No, this is not a shopping site. Although I always link to the online store I got the photo from, I cannot guarantee they still have it in stock.
          H O W E V ER.
I always try to select products from a variety of price ranges, as well as attempt to make sure that the articles are still in stock when I write the post.

So, if this is not a shopping blog, what is it?
A look book. Inspiration. Ideas. Artwork. A virtual closet. Through this site, readers can discover new clothing stores they never knew of before. Discovery of personal style.

Please note: I do not take the pictures posted on this blog. I always link to where I source them from. No infringement on copyrights intended. Send questions to me via e-mail by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

Questions? As Em' below!

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