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Small Talk Hello. Welcome. Glad to see ya. Take your shoes off and stay awhile.I'm Danielle, but you may call me Elle.

My Passions include art, food, business, calculus (yes), books, Jesus Christ, deepening friendships, blogging, crafting, late-night ice cream, early morning runs, and of course, fashion....
                         ......or should I say style Styelle?

Vocabulary Lesson
See, there is a difference. Fashion is a general, term shared among many. Fashions come and go. Style is personal. Everyone has their own style, whether they've discovered it or not. It took me forever (foorrreeeeeveerrr, foooorreeeeever, to quote The Sandlot) to discover mine. So I'm here to assist readers with discovering their own personal styles be presenting them with posts packed with different fashions pick and choose from until they know their style.

Moi My personal style is a crazy mix of retro, dressy casual, Bohemian, and about a million other styles. To check out my latest digs, go to my Pinterest boards for fall and winter clothingspring and summer clothesfootwear, jewelerywatcheshair styles, or nails and makeup. Follow those boards to see what's trending in my crazy little mind on a regular basis.

Other info on me? What's my job? I'm a full time student. I also run my own small business and co-teach Pre-Calculus.

Also,for those who a still reading, it may interest you to know I'm a huge Harry Potter fan, I am semi-addicted to Zimbio quizzes, my favourite food is chocolate oatmeal, I don't own any pets, although I have always had a longing for a unicorn.

Enjoy the Blog!

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