Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trapped in a Hat

Did that title throw you for a spin? Well as you may have guessed, today I'm going to be gushing over trapper hats. That's right-- that type of that that looks super cozy, slightly rustic, and sorta ugly-but-that-cute-ugly-that-seems-to-be-in-style, if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, I do not own one of these amazing bundles of warm awesomeness disguised as a hat, but maybe after posting this I'll get around to ordering one!
//FurHatWorld//Onyx Black Leather Trooper Hat with Silver Fox Fur//

Quite the splurge, but doesn't it just look totally worth it? Although it is not vegan-friendly (sorry), this hat would be hard to beat! 

//WinterStyle//Snowflake Knit Rabbit Fur Hat//

Not quite as fluffy as the last one, this rabbit-fur beauty is definitely more wallet-friendly! I am way into knitted wear this year, as you have probably guessed, judging by my other posts dominated by yarn, such as this one and this one.

//Amazon//Vktech®//Lovely Warm Winter Bomber Cap Lady Russian Trapper Ear Flaps Ski Hat//

Woah, that was a mouthful!  Another knit, this wool hat is such a festive color that I couldn't resist adding it. Besides, who doesn't like those little moose?

//Zappos//UGG//Classic Bailey Aviator Hat//

Seeing as how marsala is Pantone's colour of the year, I figured I had to include this beaut. Besides, who wouldn't look cute in this?

//See Kate Sew//Faux Fur Trapper Hat Free Pattern//

Feeling crafty? Make one for yourself! Kate has a free tutorial on her site for those of you who are feeling adventurous!

//Sierra Trading Post//Wiggins Woven Aviator Hat//

I'm not the only one digging this woven look right? As a bonus, this hat is unisex, so it would be a fantastic gift for anyone!

//Nordstrom//Woolrich//'Heritage' Plaid Aviator Cap//

Don't you just want to burrow into that lining and hibernate for the winter? Just me?

So I hope you have found at least one that you loved! Which was your favourite? I know my favourite was that first one :)
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  1. Love the one with the little moose on it!! So cute and fun! :) These hats look sooooooo cozy!! I need to get one! :)

    1. They ARE the coziest! The only thing I hate about them is deciding on one to buy!

  2. Love the hats but on other people's heads! I always look...hmmm...strange wearing them!

    1. Understandable! The problem I have with hats is the inevitable hat head--so annoying!